Rechargeable Repairs Policy

Closed 13 Jan 2021

Opened 18 Nov 2020


The majority of our Brent Housing tenants and leaseholders take good care of their home, including any communal areas around it and only require repairs when something has gone wrong or as a result of usual wear and tear.

Unfortunately there are some occasions where the service has to complete work that is a result of wilful damage or neglect. This work can add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, money which could be better invested towards improving and maintaining the homes we manage.

Why we are consulting

We are proposing the introduction of a new Recharges Policy which will mean we can recover any costs incurred to the service when work is needed as a result of wilful damage or neglect to a property. These costs will be recovered from the tenant or leaseholder.

As part of this consultation we would appreciate your feedback on the drafted policy, as well as the types of things we are proposing to recharge for.


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