Council Tenant Rent Consultation

Closed 26 Jan 2020

Opened 27 Dec 2019


The Council's Housing Service is proposing to increase rents for Council tenants by 2.7%. This is in line with the Regulator for Social Housing’s Rent Standard Guidance. This increase will be used to invest more in existing tenants homes including delivery of the fire safety programme. Other areas the Council will invest in are estate improvements, building new family homes, day to day repairs and technology.

Why We Are Consulting

After four consecutive years of a rent decreases, Brent Council is considering proposals for a 2.7% increase in rent for council tenants, which works out to an average of 55 pence a week increase, compared to rent levels before reductions were applied 4 years ago.

The rent increase will enable the council to invest in council homes, including fitting new kitchens, bathrooms, windows and roofs. The extra funds will also help to install appropriate fire safety measures, carry out estate improvements, build new family homes and create user-friendly technology systems such as new apps, that put residents in control.

The council launches a four-week consultation today (27 December). The consultation will end on 26 January 2020

The small increase is in line with the Regulator for Social Housing's Rent Standard Guidance.

Changes to service charges:

There will be a freeze in the service charges below:

  • Estate cleaning services
  • Ground maintenance
  • TV aerials
  • Laundry services

However, there will be a small increase in the following due to the increased cost of delivering the service:

  • Concierge service charge will be going up from £9.64 to £10.70
  • Helpline service will be going up from £1.49 to £1.56

In addition electricity prices will also be going up slightly in line with the increase from the energy suppliers:

  • Communal electricity charges will be going up from £1.42 to £1.49
  • Communal heating and hot water will be going up from £10.55 to £11.80

Investment in services:

With the small increases being proposed, the council will be able to provide the following investment:

  • £13.5m of planned investments, including kitchens, bathrooms, windows
  • £10m on day-to-day repairs
  • £3m on fire safety measures
  • £500K on estate improvements, such as bike sheds
  • In addition, we are investing over £300m on new family homes over the next five years.

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