Wembley Hill Drive Junction Improvement Scheme

Closed 24 May 2021

Opened 3 May 2021


The Council has identified the need to improve pedestrian facilities, road safety and reduce peak-time congestion at the junction of Wembley Park Drive / Wembley Hill Road / Park Lane and Clarendon Gardens.

Over the three year period from January 2017 to August 2020 there were eight collisions resulting in nine personal injury accidents at this junction. Out of these, eight of the injuries were recorded as slight and one as serious. Six of the collisions involved cars, one involved a pedestrian, one involved a cyclist and one involved a powered two wheel vehicle. A fatal pedestrian accident also occurred in January 2017.

The junction is located in a predominantly residential area in close proximity to Wembley Stadium and the attractions of Wembley Park. Preston Manor School is a short walk away. There are currently no signalised pedestrian facilities which makes crossing at the junction difficult for all pedestrians but particularly for those with mobility difficulties.

Further to reviewing options with Transport for London’s traffic signals team, we are now proposing to introduce measures to improve facilities for pedestrians, create a safer environment for all road users and ensure that the junction operates effectively to avoid congestion and in particular delays to buses.

Why we are consulting

The scheme is shown graphically in the drawing and a summary of the proposed improvements is as follows: -

  • Pedestrian crossing signals on all five arms of the junction - Straight over, direct, signalised pedestrian crossings will be provided across both arms of Wembley Hill Road, Wembley Park Drive, Park Lane and Clarendon Gardens. An all-red pedestrian stage will be introduced to the signals.
  • Banning the left turns from Wembley Hill Road into Wembley Park Drive and Wembley Hill Road into Park Lane – The existing left turn slip roads will be changed to footway. This will reduce crossing distances for pedestrians and provide more space for pedestrians waiting to cross the road.
  • New pedestrian refuge islands on Wembley Hill Road (northern arm) – The new islands will replace the existing sub-standard islands and provide greater protection for pedestrians.
  • Advanced Stop Lines for Cyclists - Advanced stop lines will be provided on all approaches to the junction with the exception of Clarendon Gardens where there is insufficient space.
  • Anti-skid surfacing – New anti-skid road surfacing will be provided on all approaches to the junction to reduce stopping distances for traffic and improve road safety.

Tactile paving – Tactile paving will be provided at all crossing points to assist blind and partially sighted pedestrians.


  • Preston
  • Tokyngton


  • All Residents
  • Councillors / MPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations


  • Consultations