Sudbury Primary Emergency School Streets

Closes 30 Jul 2021

Opened 19 Nov 2020


COVID-19 has disrupted our daily travel habits. We want to support and encourage people to adopt greener, more active forms of transport. We have developed a plan to introduce short, medium and longer-term improvements in the borough. The plan supports social distancing, walking and cycling. As part of the plan, the Council is working in partnership with Transport for London to deliver a series of rapid improvements to the transport system in the Brent area. This includes the implementation of a series of School Streets around the borough, which aim to support schools during this time.

Why we are consulting

A School Street is a term-time restriction of motorised traffic on a road by a school during the school’s pick-up and drop-off period. The scheme will operate from Monday to Friday (in term-time) from 8:15am to 9:15am in the morning and from 2:30pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon. School term dates can be found here:

Residents who live within the zone, blue-badge holders and emergency vehicles will be exempt from these restrictions. The road also remains open to pedestrians and cyclists. The main principle is to make the route to school safer for pupils by enabling social distancing, reducing the volume of cars, reducing air pollution, enabling more walking, and cycling.

The full list of exemptions are as follows:

  • Residents and businesses who live/are situated within the zone
  • Blue-badge holders
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Visitors to residents in the zone under any usual permitting schemes. This includes healthcare workers
  • Goods and services vehicles providing services to residents/businesses within the zone
  • Wardens/parking enforcement

Local residents and businesses located outside of the zone are not exempt from the restrictions. Therefore, we ask that you do not drive through the zone during the hours of operation unless one of the above exemptions applies. The School Street zone is marked as purple on the attached drawing.

Why do we need School Streets?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that many people will be avoiding using public transport, which may lead to increased car use. This could lead to more congested streets, worse air quality, increased road danger and negative impacts on climate change. We have to take action outside schools to protect Brent’s school community and to encourage more people to walk and cycle as part of their daily routine.

School Streets aim to:

  • Make it easier to implement social distancing measures as more people choose to walk, wheel or cycle to school.
  • Help increase confidence amongst the school community that it is safe to travel and return to school.
  • Reduce congestion and pollution near the school.

What is happening in my area?

The attached plan shows where traffic restrictions are proposed in your area. The named street(s) nearby the school will become a pedestrian, cycle only zone during pick up and drop off in the morning and afternoon. This restriction will operate Monday to Friday (in term-time) from 8:15am to 9:15am in the morning and from 2:30pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon. Each closure will have moveable barriers placed in the road by the School at set times. Associated signage will also be installed.

As the barriers are movable, exempt vehicles will be able to access the street during the closure times, but all other vehicles will be prohibited. We’ll put up advance warning signs to inform drivers of the restrictions at the entrances of the School Street Zone.

How will the closure operate?

If you have received the letter as a business/resident who has a property located within the zone, you are exempt from these restrictions. However, it is important to exercise caution driving during these times as more parents/guardians and children may be walking and cycling to school.

To reduce road danger and maximise space for social distancing, please try not to drive on the School Street during the times of the restrictions. If you have to enter or exit the zone during these times a member of school staff will assist you. If a member of staff is not available, there will be an access point at the closure for you to use.

If your property is not located within the School Street zone, then we ask that you do not enter the restricted area at these times in a vehicle, unless an exemption applies.

To aid with enforcement we will be utilising ad-hoc CCTV. If you have received this letter as a resident or business who lives/is situated within the zone (marked as purple on the attached drawing), please email your vehicle registration number and your address along with the reference number at the top of this letter to This is so that we can collate a record of exempt vehicles.

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