Stonebridge & Harlesden Area Healthy Neighbourhood Scheme

Closes 30 Jan 2021

Opened 30 Jul 2020


COVID-19 has disrupted our daily travel habits. As lockdown restrictions are eased, we want to support and encourage people to adopt greener, healthier, more active forms of transport. Brent has seen some highest numbers of Covid cases and parts of our borough have poor air quality along with some long term public health issues. We have developed a plan to introduce short, medium and longer-term improvements in the borough that we hope will support residents make different travel choices and become more active. As part of the plan, the Council is working in partnership with Transport for London to deliver a series of rapid improvements to the transport system in the Brent. This includes the implementation of a series of Healthy (Low Traffic) Neighbourhoods around the borough.

Why We Are Consulting

What is a Healthy Neighbourhood?

A Healthy Neighbourhood is a low traffic neighbourhood introduced in residential areas, where non-local motor vehicle traffic is discouraged or removed. Road closures are placed at certain points within neighbourhoods to prevent non-local traffic from passing through the area. The main principle is that every resident can drive onto their street, get deliveries etc., but through traffic is prohibited.

Why do we need Healthy Neighbourhoods?

As lockdown restrictions are eased, it is expected that many people will be avoiding using public transport, which may lead to increased car use. This could in turn mean increased car use, which will lead more traffic congested streets, worse air quality, increased road danger and negative impacts on climate change. We have to take action at the neighbourhood level to prevent traffic from diverting onto local roads. We therefore need to encourage more people to walk and cycle as part of their daily routine and to protect residential areas from possible increased traffic.

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