Oliver Goldsmith Primary School - DA Report - School Travel Plan Scheme

Closed 20 Aug 2019

Opened 19 Aug 2019


This report summarises the outcome of the public consultation for a School
Travel Plan scheme on Coniston Gardens outside Oliver Goldsmith Primary
School. The scheme proposes to introduce new and amended waiting and
loading restrictions in Coniston Gardens and a timed “no right turn” and “no left
turn” restriction from Kingsbury Road into Coniston Gardens to reduce localised
congestion. This is in accordance with objectives of the Brent Borough Plan
2019-23 and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Why We Are Consulting

Concerns have been raised by the local residents’ association, ward
councillors, school’s representatives and general public about congestion
outside the school and safety of children and pedestrians on Coniston Gardens.
A number of meetings were held with ward councillors, members of the local
resident’s association and the school’s representatives to decide on the range
of proposals that would be acceptable to resolve the issues.

The aim of the proposed scheme is to improve road safety for pedestrians,
encourage children and parents/carers to walk to and from the local schools
and reduce localised congestion close to the school gates.


  • Fryent


  • All Residents
  • Councillors / MPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations


  • Consultations