Manor Farm Road HA0 Proposed 20MPH Zone

Closed 12 Apr 2021

Opened 22 Mar 2021


Committing to Mayor’s vision zero London strategy and to improve road safety within the borough, each year we identify roads and locations in Brent with the highest number of road traffic collisions.  We look at the selected locations to introduce road safety measures to reduce the number of accidents and personal injuries thus, improving road safety. We received safety concerns from residents about speeding, access difficulties for buses and requests for more controlled crossing facilities in Manor Farm Road. Over the last three years, there have been 11 accidents in Manor Farm Road resulting 12 casualties. Out of these, two have sustained serious injuries and 10 have sustained slight injuries. Among the casualties, five involved pedestrians, one involved pedal cyclists, and six were drivers travelling by motor vehicle. We also commissioned a speed survey over a week period and it shows the traffic speed in Manor Farm road is generally high. Therefore, the aim of the proposed 20 mph zone is:

  • to reduce vehicular speeds and to stream line the speed limit with the residential roads on the western side of Manor Farm Road which are located in LB of Ealing, who have 20mph speed limit;
  • to reduce the number and severity of accidents;
  • To encourage walking and cycling by residents and schoolchildren by providing safer walking links to schools and local amenities.

Why we are consulting

The details of the scheme are shown in the drawing and the proposed improvements are summarised below:

  • 20mph Speed Limit - traffic signs and 20mph roundel road markings will be placed between the scheme limits in Manor Farm Road to identify the zone limits;
  • Traffic Calming Features: Provision of sinusoidal humps in Alperton Lane and Manor Farm Road  to reduce speed as shown in the drawing;
  • Speed tables: 1) Provision of one speed table and a pedestrian refuge island at the existing uncontrolled crossing near junction with Brindley Close which will have environment friendly solar powered keep left bollards and this will include reconstruction of the existing crossing; 2) providing two speed tables at the existing uncontrolled crossing near junction with Bridgewater Road;
  • A New Zebra Crossing on a speed table outside 174: Includes installation of eco-friendly, high visible and less intrusive zebrite globe beacon at the zebra crossings; Provision of high friction road surface (HFRS) at the approaches to the zebra crossings would improve skid-resistance and slipping at the zebra crossings;
  • A new zebra crossing: outside 73 Manor Farm Road would be provided at the existing uncontrolled crossings and removal of the existing pedestrian refuge island -includes provision of  mentioned features in the above paragraph;
  • Extension of ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ Restrictions (Double Yellow Lines) on south side of Manor Farm Road  as indicated on the attached drawing in order to improve access particularly for buses, emergency and delivery services and to prevent obstructive parking.

It is envisaged that introduction of a 20 mph zone with improved facilities will create a safer environment with more people cycling and walking as opposed to relying on cars. It will also improve reliability of bus service. The implementation of 20 mph Zones supports National and Local Road casualty reduction targets


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