Kensal Corridor Improvement Scheme

Closed 31 Jul 2019

Opened 1 Jul 2019

Results Updated 27 Jan 2020

Kensal Corridor Public Consultation DA Report

Purpose of this report   

  1.  The aim of this report is to:
  • Provide the Head of Highways and Infrastructure with an update on the progress of the Kensal Corridor Improvement Scheme
  • Provide a summary of the outcome of the latest round of public consultation for the Kensal Corridor Detailed Scheme
  • A collated response to the comments, concerns received, and
  • Outline recommendations and next steps.



Kensal Corridor Improvement Scheme

Since the extensive consultation in February - March 2018 in which over 80% of respondents were in support of the proposals for future planned changes for Chamberlayne Road, Kilburn Lane and Station Terrace, detailed designs have been prepared. These designs take on board the outcomes of the consultation which included views from the Kensal Consultative Group, which represents members of the residents’ associations in your area (APRATA, KRRA, KTRA, QPARA and the Kensal Rise Business Association), as well as the requirements of TfL and London Buses.

The ambition

The Kensal Rise public realm improvements seeks to deliver a scheme that enhances the pedestrian experience along one of the key vehicular routes within North West London, reducing traffic dominance along the street whilst maintaining traffic flows.

The project will:

  • Improve bus facilities, movement and accessibility
  • Improve Kensal Rise station access / interchange
  • Improve the environment and provide improved crossings for local residents, businesses and visitors
  • Widen pavements to facilitate walking
  • Add new bus shelters and widen waiting areas
  • Reduce congestion and associated pollution
  • New cycle lanes, cycle parking and improved accessibility
  • Improve road safety
  • Introduce a 20mph speed restriction between Mortimer Rd and Harrow Rd junction making the whole corridor 20mph
  • Improve parking and loading facilities for local businesses
  • Improve the public realm and provide quality including new pavements and carriageway resurfacing
  • Develop community greening schemes including greening to Station Terrace and a series of pocket gardens along the high street
  • Declutter redundant signage
  • Work with TfL to optimise the operation of traffic signals at existing junctions

Why We Are Consulting

The council is consulting on the detailed design having taken into consideration the findings of the first public consultation which took place in February - March 2018 and engagement with the Kensal Consultative Group.  Following this second consultation period the design team will review and consider any comments received and will look to incorporate where appropriate before the proposals are finalised.

What Happens Next

Following this consultation, the design team will review and consider any comments received and will look to incorporate where appropriate before proposals move into the final detailed design stage.

We envisage that the construction will be phased over a 2-year period subject to funding availability and to reduce the impact of construction work on the local community.

Further information will be provided later this year.

You can keep updated via this webpage which will be updated as the project develops.


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