Holmstall Avenue Area Proposed CPZ

Closed 5 Mar 2021

Opened 12 Feb 2021


In February 2020, the Council received a petition from residents of Birchwood Court, Holmstall Avenue, Limesdale Gardens, Oakleigh Court and Redhill Drive requesting the Council to introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) for the area. The petitioners justification was that during weekdays there are many commuters parking in the area for entire day and is becoming difficult for local residents to find parking spaces. They also mentioned that this is causing traffic congestion and raising road safety concerns in the area.

As part of 2020-21 CPZ programme, the Council have agreed for officers to consult you on CPZ proposals for the area.

Why we are consulting

All the kerbside road space will be controlled.  Yellow lines will be introduced to control road junctions (double yellow line) and vehicular accesses (single yellow). This will prevent obstructive parking on junctions and across driveways. It will also improve accessibility for pedestrians, the disabled, emergency services and refuse collection.

Parking will be either for permit holder or in 'pay & display' bays.   Residents will need to purchase permits if they, or their visitors, wish to park in the designated bays during the scheme’s operational times you prefer in the questionnaire.

In summary, the CPZ is intended to give the permit holders priority use of the parking spaces during the scheme operational times, but does not necessarily guarantee a parking space.   However, experience with CPZ's introduced elsewhere in the borough has shown that residents are generally able to park close to their homes, even where there is a high density of residents.

General information about parking and permit charges in Brent is enclosed and is also available on the Council’s Website; https://www.brent.gov.uk/services-for-residents/parking/


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