Harrow Road/District Road Junction Local Safety Scheme

Closed 15 Nov 2019

Opened 18 Oct 2019


Why are we proposing this change?

Each year we identify roads and locations in Brent with the highest number of road traffic collisions and look at introducing road safety measures to help reduce the number of accidents.

Over the last three years there have been sixteen accidents at the junction of Harrow Road and District Road (involving twenty casualties). Out of these, one has involved a serious injury and nineteen have involved slight injuries. Two collisions involved pedestrians, four involved motorcycles and ten were drivers or passengers traveling by car.

We are therefore proposing to introduce measures to improve crossing facilities for pedestrians on District Road and create a safer environment to allow for more walking as opposed to relying on cars. The implementation of the local safety scheme supports National and Local Road casualty reduction targets.

Why We Are Consulting

What are the proposed improvements?

The proposed improvements shown on the enclosed plan and are outlined as follows: -

  • A new two-metre wide pedestrian refuge island will be provided on District Road with new dropped kerbs outside the church and garage. This will provide greater safety and accessibility for pedestrians and allow them to cross District Road in two stages.
  • The existing footway on District Road between Harrow Road and Central Road will be widened and the kerb will be realigned. This will reduce crossing distances for pedestrians and reduce the speed of vehicles exiting the roundabout.
  • New trees and landscaping will be planted around the roundabout and in the existing raised planters outside nos. 709 – 719 Harrow Road. This will improve the quality and appearance of the public realm.
  • Existing guardrails around the roundabout will be removed where these are not required. This will enhance the public realm on the edge of Barham Park and reduce clutter on the footways.



  • Sudbury


  • All Residents
  • Councillors / MPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations


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