Furness Road/Harrow Road Junction Improvement DA Report

Closed 8 Aug 2019

Opened 7 Aug 2019


We consulted the Furness Road area regarding proposals to improve the existing signalled junction of Harlesden High Street with Furness Road and Harrow Road.

Why We Are Consulting

The proposed improvements were :

  • All round pedestrian phase: A protected, pedestrian crossing facility on all three roads.
  • Junction Layout: The existing triangular island on Furness Road to be removed. This will reduce crossing distances for pedestrians and provide a single stage crossing. The southern kerb line of Furness Road will be cut back to provide a new left-turning lane which will reduce queuing and congestion in Furness Road.
  • Yellow Box Junction: A ‘yellow box’ junction road marking was proposed to keep the junction clear of traffic, which will reduce congestion and improve traffic flow through the junction.
  • Right-Turn Filter Phase: A right-turn filter phase to be added on the Harrow Road northbound approach to the junction. This will also help to ease the flow of traffic through the junction.
  • Waiting and Loading Restrictions: No waiting ‘at any time’ restrictions with ‘Double Yellow Lines’ to be extended along the southern and northern kerb lines of Furness Road between Rucklidge Avenue and Palermo Road. No loading ‘at any time’ restrictions to be introduced on the southern side of Furness Road between Harrow Road and Rucklidge Avenue. Existing loading restrictions (Monday to Friday, 8am to 9:30am and 4:30pm to 6:30pm) to be retained on the southern side of Furness Road between Rucklidge Avenue and Palermo Road. All other existing waiting and loading restrictions to remain unchanged.
  • Improvements for cyclists: Advanced stop lines for cycles to be provided

Tactile paving: To be provided at all crossings to assist blind and partially sighted people.


  • Harlesden


  • All Residents
  • Businesses
  • Councillors / MPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations


  • Consultations