Fryent Way Proposed Crossing Upgrade

Closed 6 Mar 2020

Opened 11 Feb 2020


We are proposing to upgrade the existing zebra crossing on Fryent Way next to Kingsbury roundabout to a pelican signalised crossing.

Why We Are Consulting

Improving road safety on the borough’s road network forms a major part of the Council’s policy and is in line with the Mayor for London’s strategy and commitment for improving road safety across London. Each year Council identify roads and locations in Brent with the highest number of Personal Injury Accidents (PIAs) and look at introducing road safety measures to reduce the number of collisions, improve pedestrian movement and safety.

Kingsbury roundabout and Fryent Way has been identified as an area with high number of accidents. Therefore, funding has been allocated by the Council to undertake study and determine measures to improve road safety.


There has been 24 collision accidents in the last 3 years around the roundabout. Of these 10 have been on or near the junction with Fryent Way and Kingsbury roundabout, with 2 serious accidents occurring at the zebra crossing, one vehicle to vehicle, with the driver seriously injured and one vehicle seriously injured a pedestrian.

We have therefore focused on this junction of the roundabout and zebra crossing and will be considering further improvements to the roundabout as part of a wider study this year.


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