Church Lane NW9 Proposed Road Safety Improvements

Closed 28 Feb 2020

Opened 3 Feb 2020


Each year the Council identifies locations in Brent with the highest number of Personal Injury Accidents (PIAs) and considers road safety measures to help reduce the number of collisions. Over the last three years there have been 25 personal injury accidents in this section of Church Lane with some involving pedestrians, pedal cyclists and powered two wheelers (motorcycles and mopeds).

Why We Are Consulting

In response to requests improve facilities for pedestrians to cross Church Lane, we are now proposing further improvements; 

  • The removal of existing Pedestrian Island located outside 158 Church Lane.
  • Construction of a new raised speed table to slow down traffic speeds in both directions in order to address the speeding issues particularly at off peak times.
  • Re-construction of a new pedestrian island on the newly built speed table.


  • Welsh Harp


  • All Residents
  • Businesses
  • Councillors / MPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations


  • Consultations