Buchanan Gardens Bike Hangar Proposal

Closes 31 Oct 2019

Opened 7 Oct 2019


We are proposing to introduce a Bike Hangar on Buchanan Gardens as shown on the enclosed plan. The proposed Bike Hangar would be located on the pavement on Buchanan Gardens at the junction with Holland Road.

The hangar, which has the capacity to store six bicycles, will be rented to users for an annual fee.

Why We Are Consulting

Brent Council aims to improve facilities for cyclists in the borough and promote active and sustainable travel.In line with the vision set out in our Cycle Strategy 2016-2021, the Council is encouraging more residents to take up cycling, to enjoy the health benefits that this brings and also to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the borough.

The Council has received several requests from residents in the Kensal Green area to provide secure cycle parking in streets where they do not have access to private outdoor space. Bikes can block hallways and staircases in some properties and those left on street can be a target for cycle theft.

Through its cycle parking programme, the Council propose to install bike hangers in areas where there is a high demand from local residents for this facility.

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