Bridgewater Road & Ealing Road Proposed Waiting Restriction

Closes 3 May 2019

Opened 12 Apr 2019


The Council has received complaints about vehicles blocking one lane of Bridgewater Road and Ealing Road after 6.30pm and before 8am during weekday. This restricts the free flow of traffic on Ealing Road and causes localised congestion especially on the section between Manor Farm Road and Glacier Way.

Why We Are Consulting

In response to the concerns raised, we are proposing to introduce new No Waiting and No Loading “at any time” restrictions (double yellow lines and double kerb blips). The new restrictions are shown on the attached drawing and are outlined as follows:-

  • No Waiting ‘at any time’ restriction - Double yellow lines are proposed along Bridgewater Road and Ealing Road from Bridgehill Close to Glacier Way including changing all the existing single yellow line markings. This will help reduce localised congestion and stop vehicles blocking the nearside lane of traffic during the morning evening peak periods.

No Loading ‘at any time’ restrictions – Double kerbs blips will be introduced on the kerbs (3 meters apart) along Bridgewater and Ealing Road from Bridgehill Close to Glacier Way. This will prevent vehicles loading at any time along this section.

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