Barn Hill Area 20mph Zone Consultation

Closed 11 Nov 2019

Opened 21 Oct 2019

Results Updated 24 Feb 2020

This report summarises the outcome of the public consultation for the Barn Hill Area 20mph Zone. The scheme will introduce new traffic calming measures to reduce vehicle speeds to 20mph, restrict Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from using local roads as a through route, improve crossing facilities for pedestrians and introduce new parking restrictions. This is in accordance with the objectives set in the Brent Borough Plan 2019-2023 and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2018.

The Head of Highways and Infrastructure is recommended to progress with the implementation of the scheme (as revised in Section 5.1.7) and the advertising of Traffic Management Orders/Notices necessary to implement the 20mph speed limit, 7.5T weight restriction, road humps, parking restrictions and new pedestrian crossings.



Each year we identify roads and locations in Brent with the highest number of road traffic collisions and look at introducing road safety measures to help reduce the number of accidents.

Over the last three years there have been seventeen accidents in the Barn Hill Area (involving twenty-one casualties). Out of these, three have involved serious injuries and fourteen have involved slight injuries. Three collisions involved pedestrians, one involved a pedal cyclist, three involved motorcycles and ten were drivers or passengers traveling by car.

We are therefore proposing to introduce measures to reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Why We Are Consulting

The proposed improvements are summarised below and described in detail in the explanation sheet:

  • 20mph Speed Limit - A new 20mph speed limit would be introduced in the area within the red line shown on the map on the reverse. New traffic signs and 20mph roundel markings on the road surface will be provided to indicate the 20mph speed limit;
  • Traffic Calming Features - Raised speed tables and sinusoidal (smooth top) speed humps will be provided to reduce vehicle speeds and make the 20mph speed limit self-enforcing;
  • New Zebra Crossings - New zebra crossing are proposed on The Avenue at its junction West Close and midway between its junctions with West Hill and Uxendon Crescent (by the railway bridge);
  • West Hill/Beverley Gardens Roundabout - The existing roundabout at the junction of West Hill and Beverley Gardens will be reconstructed and include a double height kerb around the central island and clear chevron markings.
  • 'No Waiting At Any Time' Restrictions (Double Yellow Lines). This will prevent parking at any time at locations shown on the attached drawing and improve visibility at junctions.



  • Barnhill


  • All Residents
  • Businesses
  • Councillors / MPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations


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