Barham Park Car Park – Proposed Amended Charges

Closed 18 May 2021

Opened 27 Apr 2021


The council is seeking your views on a proposed change to parking charges and controls at Barham Park Car Park. These proposals will align the car park to Brent’s other public car parks, consistent with the current Traffic Management Order (TMO) covering the whole borough.

Why we are consulting

Barham Park car park is situated on the A404 Harrow Road near the A405 roundabout.  It accomadates approximately 15 vehicles and is frequented mainly by visitors to Barham Park green space and Barham Park Library.

The signage and on-site parking controls and charges for Barham Park car park do not at present conform to the Traffic Management Order (TMO) covering all of Brent's other car parks.  In order for effective enforcement to take place, signage and operational controls of the car park need to reflect the TMO and vice versa.  These are statutory requirements, as set out in law.

The Council has reviewed the management arrangements and tarrifs for Barham Park Car Park, which currently are aligned with the charges and restrictions which are in place on-street.

We are proposing to reduce the car park charges to bring them into line with other Brent Car parks. Most charges will reduce and the current 4 hour maximam stay limit (expect on Wembley Event Days). We believe this will encourage more use of the car park and reduce parking pressure on nearby roads.

The table below provides the details which we propose to implement.


Chargeable Hours




Payment for use of the car park will be required:


From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday, on any day that is not a Wembley Event Day;


From 8 a.m. to 12 midnight on a Wembley Event Day.


Outside of these hours there will be no charge.


£1 for up to one hour

£3 for up to two hours


On any day that is not a Wembley Event Day, longer stays will be permitted:

£4.50 for up to three hours;

£7.50 for over three hours


*An additional charge of £0.50 will be made for all cash transactions, to cover collection and maintenance costs.


The car park will be open every day. 


On any day that is not a Wembley Event Day, there will be no maximum stay.


On a Wembley Event Day, the maximum stay will be restricted to two hours.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Consultations