Housing Management’s Tenancy Management Policy

Closed 26 Jan 2020

Opened 27 Dec 2019


The new Tenancy Strategy, a requirement of the Localism Act 2011, has prompted an update to Housing Management’s Tenancy Policy. The Tenancy Policy should set out; the types of tenancies offered by the council, the terms by which these tenancies are granted, rights of appeal, sustaining tenancies, ending tenancies, succeeding tenancies and how the policy will be reviewed. It should also set out the council’s approach to tackling tenancy fraud.

Why We Are Consulting

  • Within the proposed tenancy management policy, there are three changes that will affect how Brent Council tenancies are offered and managed in Brent. It is a requirement by the Social Housing Regulator that the Council consults with tenants before implementing any changes. The three core changes are:
  • End the use of Fixed term tenancies and convert all Brent Council tenants to secure tenancies
  • Introduce the use of demoted tenancies to manage issues such as anti-social behaviour
  • Introduce joint tenancies for new and existing tenants


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


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