Brent’s new local Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Closed 10 Oct 2019

Opened 19 Jul 2019


Brent is proposing to change it Council Tax Support (CTS) scheme from April 2020.

We want to change the scheme to make it:

  • transparent
  • easy to understand
  • efficient to administer
  • work alongside Universal Credit
  • incentivise work

The proposed scheme moves away from the traditional means-tested Council Tax Support award, and focuses on a resident’s ability to pay.

The proposal is to implement an award based on the level of income the household has, disregarding all other Welfare Benefits such as Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payments and Tax Credits.

The award will be calculated based on the wages of the Claimant and Partner. A deduction will be taken for other adults living in the property.

In the proposed scheme, an award would be calculated in two stages:

Stage One

The Claimant and Partner, who are liable for Council Tax, combine their total weekly wages and see where they fit in this grid:

The percentage shown next to the income band shows how much of the Council Tax liability will be met by CTS.

Stage Two

For every other adult living in the property, a further weekly deduction will be taken from the CTS award based on the other adult’s earnings:

Why we are consulting

We propose to change the Council Tax Support scheme from April 2020. The scheme has been redesigned to be more transparent, easy to understand and to interact more effectively with Universal Credit.


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