Proposed Boroughwide Public Spaces Protection Order to tackle street drinking

Closed 31 Aug 2020

Opened 20 Jul 2020


Public Spaces Protection Order

Brent Council is consulting on extending the Boroughwide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) from 20 October 2020 until 19 October 2023 to prohibit street drinking.

Brent Council currently has a borough wide Public Spaces Protection Order which expires on 19 October 2020. Anti-social behaviour calls related to street drinking over the last 2 years has seen a downward trend however alcohol consumption remains a driver for violent crime. There have been approximately 850 calls to the Police between July 2018 and June 2020 with 57% of violent related offences involving alcohol. As expected, the major hotspots are generally in the boroughs town centres.

Alongside the PSPO powers, Westminster Drug Project (WDP) and B3 are commissioned by Brent Public Health to engage and support, hard to reach / vulnerable street drinkers. The Brent Joint Action Group, WDP and B3 are currently supporting vulnerable street drinkers identified in those areas to help them access treatment and other support services to turn their lives around.

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Why we are consulting

These issues affect your community and we want to involve you in tackling them. With this consultation, we hope to:

  • Make you aware of the proposal to extend the PSPO due to expire on 19 October 2020;
  • Allow you to make any comments on the proposal;
  • Support local residents in improving their quality of life;
  • Prevent further anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder. 

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