Kilburn High Road User Survey

Closed 22 Mar 2020

Opened 26 Feb 2020


Kilburn is a major town centre with an established evening offer that is important to the local economy. In order to manage and grow the evening economy we need a greater understanding of how people use Kilburn High Road after 6pm to assess whether it caters for local needs. The results of this consultation will feed into our new Kilburn growth plan.

Why We Are Consulting

The evening and night time is a key part of London’s economy that is growing with the potential to add £2bn to London’s growth each year to 2030. Kilburn has recognised evening and night time status and we would like to focus on developing its evening economy between 6-11pm to boost economic viability and support customer crossover to also help support the daytime economy.

Kilburn is already a vibrant and established evening destination with a wide variety of independent restaurants, takeaways and pubs and the cultural jewel that is the Kiln theatre and cinema. We are proud of the area’s cultural diversity and how the High Road caters for a wide variety of social backgrounds and we would like see this inclusivity and independence preserved as part of its informal and unpretentious atmosphere.

We want to manage the evening economy so that it does not put pressure on local neighbourhoods and work with our existing businesses to create a diverse offer that caters for a wide audience, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, disability or income. We want to support our restaurants, pubs and cafés providing activities such as live music, comedy nights, dancing and quizzes and not have an evening offer dominated by low quality fast food outlets, betting shops and adult gaming centres.

We need to understand how local people currently use the High Road. Are there local clubs, social venues, places of worship, businesses or sports venues you regularly visit during the evening? Are there venues and businesses you would like to see open for longer?  What new leisure activities would you like to see provided? Maybe you simply want somewhere you can gather with friends and socialise. If you don’t currently come out after 6pm, why is that and what would help change it?

We also want to hear from you if your main employment hours are between 6pm-6am, whether you work on the High Road or live in the Kilburn area and use the High Road to travel elsewhere. Which local businesses do you need to be open late and how does the High Road need to function to help support you better?


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