new non-immediate article 4 directions to replace the existing article 4 directions for brent’s residential conservation areas.

Closed 18 Dec 2020

Opened 19 Nov 2020


On 7 September 2020 Brent's Cabinet gave its authorisation to proceed with making non-immediate new Article 4 Directions to replace the exisiting Directions for its residential conservation areas. These are needed because most were made over 25 years ago. numberous changes to legislation have made it more difficult to understand what permitted development rights the previous Article 4s removed.

The proposed new Directions will restrict the same suite of permitted development rights as those that exist. The restrictions are proposed to, on the whole, apply to street elevations only. The one exception is for outbuildings in the rear back gardens. This is because that over time the size of outbuildings that are permissible under permitted development rules has considerably increased.

Please click the link below to give us any comments you may have on the proposed new Article 4 Directions.


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