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  • Housing Management’s Tenancy Management Policy

    The new Tenancy Strategy, a requirement of the Localism Act 2011, has prompted an update to Housing Management’s Tenancy Policy. The Tenancy Policy should set out; the types of tenancies offered by the council, the terms by which these tenancies are granted, rights of appeal, sustaining... More

    Closes 26 January 2020

  • Housing Management’s Tenancy Strategy

    This strategy will set out a vision and a set of desired outcomes that we will deliver over the next four years so all Brent residents who are renting whether this is social or private rented housing will feel secure in their homes. More

    Closes 26 January 2020

  • Council Tenant Rent Consultation

    The Council's Housing Service is proposing to increase rents for Council tenants by 2.7%. This is in line with the Regulator for Social Housing’s Rent Standard Guidance. This increase will be used to invest more in existing tenants homes including delivery of the fire safety programme. Other... More

    Closes 26 January 2020

  • Budget Consultation 2020/21 – 2022/23

    A big part of setting a budget involves talking to the people who live and work in this borough about their views on a range of proposals. We want to know what services are the most important to local people so we can make the best decisions about where to make savings. More

    Closes 31 January 2020

Closed Consultations

  • Bike Hangar Programme DA Report 2019/2020

    This report summarises the outcome of the public consultation conducted in September/October 2019 for the introduction of bike hangars at nine locations across the borough. They are being located in the areas with the highest demand from local residents. More

    Closed 16 January 2020

  • Oustide Kilburn Station Local Safety & Public Realm Improvement Scheme

    We are proposing a local safety and public realm improvement scheme outside Kilburn Station. More

    Closed 6 January 2020

  • Harrowdene Road Local Safety Scheme

    Concerns have been raised by local residents about high volumes of traffic and road safety in Harrowdene Road, Crawford Avenue and Copland Avenue . Over the last 3 years there have been 16 traffic accidents recorded in Harrowdene Road resulting in 16 casualties. These casualties... More

    Closed 13 December 2019

  • Brent Community Schools Admission Arrangements Consultation 2021/2022

    Brent Council is consulting on proposals to change the Admission Arrangements for Brent Community Schools from September 2021. The council is the admissions authority for 30 community schools in Brent. When schools have more applications than places, the oversubscription criteria... More

    Closed 3 December 2019

Consultations with Published Results

  • Springfield Estate (Various Locations) Proposed Waiting & Loading Restrictions

    The Council has received complaints about vehicles parked at the above locations. The complaints are that parked vehicles cause obstruction, access and visibility difficulties for local residents and vehicles intending to access/exit these locations. This is a problem particularly for the... More

    Closed 10 May 2019

  • Bridgewater Road & Ealing Road Proposed Waiting Restriction

    The Council has received complaints about vehicles blocking one lane of Bridgewater Road and Ealing Road after 6.30pm and before 8am during weekday. This restricts the free flow of traffic on Ealing Road and causes localised congestion especially on the section between Manor Farm Road and... More

    Closed 10 May 2019

  • Private Rented Sector Licensing

    Have your say on landlord licensing in Brent’s private rented sector Do you want to see standards improve in private rented sector housing in Brent? Have your say on private rented sector housing in the borough by taking part in our online survey on landlord licensing. The... More

    Closed 25 August 2019